Taverna Dessert Menu2



Taverna Dessert Menu

Taverna Dessert Menu

{DOLCI} $8

nutella marble cheesecake

with sour cherry sauce

taverna tiramisu

chef’s specialty

vanilla crème brulee

chocolate budino

with warm chocolate sauce & vanilla gelato

marinated mixed berries

with sorbet


After Dinner Drinks {-8-}


Compari Italian Liqueur • Gin • Sweet Vermouth

white russian

Stoli Vodka • Kahlua • Splash of Cream

mia romagna

Makers Mark • Campari • Bitters • Sweet Vermouth • Twist of Lime

toasted almond

Kahlua • Amaretto Di Saronno • Splash of Cream


Amaretto Di Sarrono • Drambuie • Espresso • Simple Syrup

aperol spritz

Aperol Italian Liqueur • Prosecco • Twist of Orange

irish latte

Jameson Irish Whiskey • Espresso • Steamed Milk


Traditional Italian Liqueur served chilled


Distilled Brandy from Crushed Grapes


Italian Liqueur made from Elderberries and flavored with Licorice

campari americano

Campari Italian Liqueur • Sweet Vermouth • Soda • Twist of Lemon

earl of sardinia

Campari Italian Liqueur • Creme de Cassis • Grapefruit Juice • Pineapple Juice • Grenadine

limonce blush

Limoncello • Lemonade • Cranberry Juice • Soda • Twist of Lemon




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* This product contains pork products

There is a risk associated with consuming any raw animal
protein. If you have chronic illness of the liver, stomach, or
blood, or have immune disorders, you are at the greatest risk
of illness from raw animal protein and should eat it fully
cooked. If unsure of your risk, please consult physician. 4-13